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You will receive an email containing your appointment information and telehealth  link as soon as your appointment is confirmed. 

In the meantime:

  •  Please keep an eye out for an email to set up your Patient Portal on Better Practice.


  • Download the patient mobile app- Practice Better. The app will allow you to review tasks set up by your provider, access HIPPA Secure messages with your provider, set up appointments, update your journals, and join future Telehealth consultations. The app can even be linked to Apple Health to further enhance your wellness journey. 

Olakino Welcome Package

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Any Questions

Any Questions

virtual telehealth

We can assist you in starting to reach your weight loss objectives and better balancing your work and personal lives by providing the ease of virtual telemedicine appointments.

We can electronically examine you and your family, order lab work, issue prescriptions, refill medications, and schedule follow-up care for ongoing medical conditions.

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